Fedora FUDCon APAC: Tasks and Milestones - gantt
Oct 2012
Nov 2012
Dec 2012
Jan 2013
Feb 2013
Icon Fedora FUDCon $regionName
ID: researchMasters
Icon Initial RFP
ID: researchMasters.rfp
Icon Bidding for the event
ID: researchMasters.bid
Icon Collect information about the city
ID: researchMasters.bid.cityInfo
Icon Collect prospective venues
ID: researchMasters.bid.venueInfo
Icon Check and set up internet at venue if required
ID: researchMasters.bid.venueInfo.internet
Icon Check and allocate rooms
ID: researchMasters.bid.venueInfo.roomCapacities
Icon Collect prospective lodging locations
ID: researchMasters.bid.lodgingInfo
Icon Get written quotes
ID: researchMasters.bid.lodgingInfo.writtenRates
Icon Collect various travel rates and distances
ID: researchMasters.bid.travelInfo
Icon Collect information on international travel - airports and such
ID: researchMasters.bid.travelInfo.international
Icon Collect information on local travel
ID: researchMasters.bid.travelInfo.local
Icon Collect information on taxis
ID: researchMasters.bid.travelInfo.local.taxi
Icon Collect information on public transport
ID: researchMasters.bid.travelInfo.local.publicTransport
Icon Places and amenities around
ID: researchMasters.bid.collectSurroundingInfo
Icon Places to eat around
ID: researchMasters.bid.collectSurroundingInfo.restaurants
Icon Collect info on emergency services
ID: researchMasters.bid.collectSurroundingInfo.emergencies
Icon Collect info on ATMS
ID: researchMasters.bid.collectSurroundingInfo.atms
Icon Collect information on hardware vendors
ID: researchMasters.bid.collectSurroundingInfo.hardwareVendors
Icon Make a tentative schedule of the event
ID: researchMasters.bid.tentativeEventSchedule
Icon Submit the mid
ID: researchMasters.bid.submitBid
Icon Bid process completed
ID: researchMasters.bid.bidProcessComplete
Icon Review the bid
ID: researchMasters.review
Icon Decision
ID: researchMasters.decision
Icon Check if you have your requirements
ID: researchMasters.decision.checkBidCompletions
Icon Reserve specific room space
ID: researchMasters.decision.checkBidCompletions.roomSpace
Icon Set up FUDCon email alias
ID: researchMasters.decision.checkBidCompletions.mailAlias
Icon Complete paperwork and sign deals
ID: researchMasters.decision.checkBidCompletions.confirmPaperWork
Icon Planning
ID: researchMasters.planning
Icon Set up web presence (wiki) for event
ID: researchMasters.planning.webPresence
Icon Assign roles to team
ID: researchMasters.planning.assignRoles
Icon Schedule future meetings with local team
ID: researchMasters.planning.scheduleMeetings
Icon Get all planners to fudcon planning ML
ID: researchMasters.planning.moveToPlanningML
Icon Predict a rough budget
ID: researchMasters.planning.predictRoughBudget
Icon Announce fudcon to community
ID: researchMasters.planning.announce
Icon Arrange transit in city if applicable
ID: researchMasters.planning.arrangeTransit
Icon Marketing for the event
ID: researchMasters.planning.marketing
Icon Get marketing team on the event
ID: researchMasters.planning.marketing.marketingTeam
Icon Start marketing - lightweight
ID: researchMasters.planning.marketing.startMarketing
Icon Start local advertising
ID: researchMasters.planning.marketing.localAdvertising
Icon Design tasks
ID: researchMasters.planning.designing
Icon Contact design team for shirts, banners
ID: researchMasters.planning.designing.contactTeam
Icon Design team works on collateral
ID: researchMasters.planning.designing.makeCollateral
Icon Make name tags for current registrants
ID: researchMasters.planning.designing.makeNameTags
Icon Food
ID: researchMasters.planning.food
Icon Find a food caterer
ID: researchMasters.planning.food.findCaterer
Icon Order food for the FUDCon and FUDPub
ID: researchMasters.planning.food.orderFood
Icon Pay for food orders
ID: researchMasters.planning.food.payForFood
Icon Registrations
ID: researchMasters.planning.registrations
Icon Set up registration system
ID: researchMasters.planning.registrations.setUpSystem
Icon Open registrations
ID: researchMasters.planning.registrations.openRegistrations
Icon Open hotel pairing
ID: researchMasters.planning.registrations.hotelPairing
Icon Open CFP
ID: researchMasters.planning.registrations.cfp
Icon Handouts
ID: researchMasters.planning.handouts
Icon Sponsorships
ID: researchMasters.planning.sponsorship
Icon Ask folks to open tickets
ID: researchMasters.planning.sponsorship.openTickets
Icon Sponsorship Period Ends
ID: researchMasters.planning.sponsorship.sponsorshipPeriodEnds
Icon Schedule sponsorship meetings
ID: researchMasters.planning.sponsorship.scheduleSponsorshipMeetings
Icon Sponsorship meetings
ID: researchMasters.planning.sponsorship.sponsorshipMeetings
Icon Cut off period
ID: researchMasters.planning.cutoffPeriod
Icon Update the wiki with current information
ID: researchMasters.planning.updateWiki
Icon Order swag
ID: researchMasters.planning.orderSwag
Icon Plan FUDCon events
ID: researchMasters.planning.planFUDConEvents
Icon Plan user track
ID: researchMasters.planning.planFUDConEvents.planUserTrack
Icon Barcamp
ID: researchMasters.planning.planFUDConEvents.barcamp
Icon Choose barcamp leader
ID: researchMasters.planning.planFUDConEvents.barcamp.chooseBarcampLeader
Icon Make material required for barcamp
ID: researchMasters.planning.planFUDConEvents.barcamp.materialRequired
Icon Set up hackfests
ID: researchMasters.planning.planFUDConEvents.hackfests
Icon Pre-event checklist
ID: researchMasters.planning.preEventChecklist
Icon Send regular updates to attendees
ID: researchMasters.planning.preEventChecklist.updatesToAttendees
Icon Confirm Transit
ID: researchMasters.planning.preEventChecklist.transitConfirmation
Icon Confirm food specially for vegan/vegetarians
ID: researchMasters.planning.preEventChecklist.confirmFood
ID: researchMasters.theEvent
Icon Post signs
ID: researchMasters.theEvent.postSigns
Icon Set up power
ID: researchMasters.theEvent.setUpPower
Icon Set up wifi
ID: researchMasters.theEvent.setUpWifi
Container Task
Normal Task
Off-duty period